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Thursday, December 2, 2010

top ramen and chopsticks

So whats a mom to do when I don't feel like cooking dinner?? Well I cook the 10 cent Ramen noodles and serve them with chopsticks and the kids have a blast!!! And The parents get a pretty good laugh too. Here is little miss allison she did pretty good. It may not be right, but she got the food in her mouth, in fact, that was how they all did it!! Joey however did get the hang of it. He tried and tried till he got it right! He did a great job, with a few giggles inbetween.

Jason was the most inventive, he tried to put them together and use them like a fork, then he placed them over his bowl like a big x and slid them in to pick up the noodles, in the end, he ate all the noodles thats what mattered.

Abby tried to hold it like a pencil and the top one kept slipping, but she sure did figure it out too. She had a lot of fun figuring it out.

And of course the teenager just got as close to the bowl as he could and slurped!!!! We has so much fun. What a crazy night, but we succeded not a single fork came out and all the bowls were empty!


Lisa said...

You are so creative!!! You always have the best ideas to make life more fun! Thanks for posting!

Jodi said...

Fun idea!