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Friday, December 17, 2010

yes its me whining again!

Ok, so here it is December 8 days away from christmas, I am usually wrapping presents, baking up a storm, singing carols, and so excited I am driving the kids crazy! So aparently this year I have a serious problem, well several of them. I have a new dishwasher that is broke, so all dishes are being done by hand, which means very little if no baking because I hate doing dishes by hand especially when you bake like I do and dirty every dish in the house. So no baking. Second After Zachs month long illness in October, it threw off my schedule and finances, and well the wrapping is not where it should be, I will just leave that at that! and third, I just don't feel like singing!! fourth, We got our family pics taken last month as many of you know I showed a preview in an earlier post, Well my friend and fell dance mom took them for us, we saved up to have them taken by a "professional" we have actually never had them professionally taken, so we were so excited!! Well due to some aparent personal problems, she has fallen of the face of the earth, with my family pics. and my $. So no christmas cards, and no family pics for presents for my family (I know that was cheesy, but it was what I was going to do sorry) so I have been very depressed, and have been very sad over this, and very emotional. I am sad for my friend that I don't know what has happened to her, and sad for me and my family that we have been taken advantage of. I hope we eventually get them, but who knows. All this along with some personal health challenges I am dealing with and some childrens health and school issues, leads me to just want to scream so hear I go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! ok I feel a little better thanks for listning. Next post will be happier I hope!!
p.s. if you don't want to listen to me whine, you should have got a clue by the title of the post and not read on!!


Cathy said...

So sorry about your pictures, I would be MAD! Hope you can get them. The dishwasher thing, my don't work either, but it hasn't made the list yet of things that need to be fixed, because the money just keeps running out. Hang in there, we love ya!!

Jodi said...

That really stinks about your pictures! Maybe we need to send my 2 big brother cops over to her home and find out what's up!

This house doesn't have a dishwasher and I know it will be years down the road before we will be able to get one so I completely understand not wanting to bake too much or even cook dinner each and every night!:)

Just know you're not alone in dealing with the trials that you are, we're all trying to get through our own similar struggles and if you ever need a listening ear, I'm here!

Goodwin Family said...

Thomas says my dishwasher is still open! :) He's got his rubber-maid ready to come get your dishes!! :) Jodi and cathy, feel free to bring over your dishes as well. We'll have a big ole dishwasher washing party! :)

Lisa said...

So sad!! I'm sorry! And also - I totally feel your pain as far as the dishwasher goes. I hope things turn around soon!

Tricia said...

I am so sorry about your Pictures. That is terrible. sister Melissa takes great pics. Next time you are in town I am sure she would happy to do them for you. No dishwasher...that sucks too. Argh! i agree....if people don't want to listen to the whines then they can stop reading. After all blogging is like Free Therapy ;) Hope the new year starts out better for you. Love ya!