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Thursday, January 6, 2011

wrappin it up!

Well, I have been wanting to post for a while now, but have not been coming up with anything to say, I have decided that every January I get the winter blues, however mine came in November,and they are still hanging around. So I have been thinking back on the last year, (thats a long time ago) and I am so grateful for the things I have now. The first half of the year was spent mostly with Joey and his swim meets, and running the kids around to their various activities, dance, scouts, swimming, baseball. Summer went by in a whirwind with swimming and entertaining 5 kids!! Then school starts and all 5 of my babies started school! Wow what a crazy thing to happen, but it has been good for me. And kind of lonely too. Ok, a lot lonely, but I will cope I am sure. Once fall hit, thats when all the excitement hit for the carroll household! Zach started getting sick, falling behind in school, then not able to go to school at all, he just kept throwing up all the time, in the meantime, while we were trying to figure out what was wrong with him, we were juswt finishing up the home study for the adoption of Abby, and a day before the actual home study, Abby fell at dance, and I had to take her to the ER for 7 stitches, (thank goodness for bangs) a couple of days later we got the stitches out, homestudy is done, and we end up taking zach to the dr. where we end up back in the ER. where they find his appendix ruptured, as you all know, we were in the hospital for a week, and it was a month long recovery. This was so hard, there were a few times I wondered if I was going to lose my baby boy (yes, he may be 13 but he will always be my baby boy) This all let to lots of catch up in school, and depression for him, (and me) but life goes on, swimming started, holidays were coming up, We had thanksgiving coming up, and the adoption court date, which I was so nervous for. I had som e of my own medical problems that caused problems for a couple of weeks. but am doing much better now. We got through the court date, the adoption is final. That is all behind us. We are still taking abby to the Dr. every 2-3 weeks trying to get her anxiety,and ocd, under control, and we are getting closer to that. Her prader willi is a little more controlable every day!! Next came thanksgiving. I got to spend thanksgiving with my whole family, all my siblings made it to my parents house, and we had a blast! I had a birthday in there somewhere, that is all I am mentioning about that!! Then on to Dec. Due to all that happened November I didn't even start on christmas shopping till midway through dec. which way caused stress!!! Plus my darling children have signed up for everything, basketball, band, swimming, dance, scouts, joey is now being tutored a couple times a week, ahhhhh sorry just typing it makes me scream.. So besides all that, we actually had a great christmas!! Probably one of the best for my kids, they are all really happy! We had a great new years party with my friend and her fam. a nice quiet party into the new year! and here we are 2011!! so I would say bring it on, but its already here and in full swing, with some sort of activity every single evening of the week, you know I thought a stay at home mom stayed at home, huh, I guess I was wrong!


Jodi said...

Hopefully this year there will be more good times than bad for you!

Goodwin Family said...

your post made me tired!! I sure hope this year is 10 times better then last!! let the good times roll!

Lisa said...

What a crazy year! :)