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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

timing is just off, again!

Ok so our water heater went out the other night, I went in to have my 'calgon' moment ran my bath water, went to get in, and found my water FREEZING, well I thought maybe brian did laundry or dishes or something so I drained the water and went to bed, just a little frustrated! The next morning at 5:45 yes, thats a.m. Zach came in our room to let us know that he tried to take his moring shower, and there was no hot water! So I was like huh, there is a real problem. I kicked 'B' out of bed and made him check out the water heater. He said the pilot light went out, he relit it, zach and joey both showered and the kids got off to school, then we started smelling something not right........we checked out the water heater and it looked like it was burning!!! we quickly shut everything off and realized that we needed a new water heater. So long story well long I guess we got a new water heater, brought it home got the old one out and found this.....It totally burned up the floor!! Scary we could have burned our house down. We were pretty lucky we caught it when we did. So now we have a nice new water heater. As to the timing thing.......
A few weeks ago we had a major rain storm and snow thaw, IF it would have made it into my house it could have cooled off my floor under my water heater :) But instead my boys just played in it!

Yes he is kneeling in it, and yes it is FREEZING!

Jason running through the puddles/river!

Joey loving the cold water!


Cathy said...

wow, so glad you found it. That is a big lake too.

Jamie Bowcutt said...

You guys are super lucky!! We found out we needed a new water heater by walking into a flooded basement a few months ago. Glad you are all safe. Looks like fun playing in the water. (too bad it was not 90 degrees out there)

Jodi said...

What a blessing - someone must be watchin out for you all!:)

The Holt's said...

That is SOOOOOO scary! I am glad that you found it and that you guys are safe....well except the bank account. But that's never safe......EVER! Miss you like crazy!

Tricia said...

Oh my heavens....that is crazy! So, glad it all worked out. Hope Feb starts out better for you :)