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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


No we are not totally in hibernation!! This has just been a rough winter on us! We have We have not been out and about since christmas and have not been able to visit with the family! And we miss you all. But as you all know, basketball is in full swing, and with 2 kids playing, that schedule is greuling. But we only have 3 more weeks then freedom, sweet freedom. Joey and Alli each practice 2 nights a week, and that doesn't include dance, swimming 2 times a week, scouts young men, and homework! then we have basketball games all day saturday! Its a crazy schedule. So when I have a chance to have little fun I jump at the chance. Joey was being very smart mouthed the other day, I know you are all shocked thinking 'not joey' but its true, it was joey, and I had made some very yummy very frosted cupcakes, and we were just sitting down to eat them, and I had had enough!!! so I went over to him and smashed my cupcake all over his face!! Well he didn't take it very well and it turned into a full fledged food fight between me and him and brian! I still think I won :)


Jodi said...

You're too funny! I will be sure to mind my p's and q's when I'm at your house, especially if there's pies or cupcakes nearby!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! What a fun mom you are!

Goodwin Family said...

How fun! my kids would LOVE to have do something like that!

The Holt's said...

You are such a fun mom! I hope I can grow up to be like you!

Tricia said...

I love it! That is hilarious! Sometimes you have to shock them like that....i should try that sometime. My luck mine would just start crying LOL