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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

jasons 6th birthday and a few house pics

The cutest 6 year old boy just had his birthday!! Wow time flies, I can't belive my baby boy is 6 already. He had a great birthday, we celebrated with family a couple of days before his birthday, then on his birthday he got more presents. And of course he cracked me up the next morning when he woke up and told me that I could go to the store while he was in school and get him some more presents and wrap them up for him. What a kid!!!
Jason with his HUGE handful of money from grandpa carrolls money bag! he got almost $9.00 my what big hands he has, lol.
And of course he wanted a transformer cake! as usual. but this one me and my parents made for him. He loved it!

jj opening his presents

love that kids smile! He had such and amazing day.
hmmm maybe he should have got socks for his birthday!
Ok, so I have been avoiding putting pics of the new house on here cause I can't get everything put away, and it is a MESS so I thought I would put premove in pics up! I know  its kinda cheating, but its what you get! this is our family room.
and the kitchen, it is pretty small, and seems even smaller when my crazy kids are in it with me.
This is the view from the family room up to the kitchen
and I actually have a deck! we have been eating outside on these cool nights, it feels so good outside. This is brian fixing an owie on jj's foot.
yep, hes reading the paper! And here is the kids getting ready to eat dinner!!
and in other news....... I am 17 weeks today!!! wow it has gone by really fast. Its been hard moving and finding energy to get everything done that I need to do, finding a new dr. proved frustrating, but I have found one, looks like I will be having this baby at the Mckay Dee hospital, so far things are going good, just need to find that darn energy! (as I sit on the computer all morning) I am also really missing all my friends from back home, its amazing how I took you all for granted, I wasn't much of a phone caller, or hang at your house and visit, but just knowing you were there and I could made me feel secure, without that here, I am a little lost. I know you are all still a phone call away, so don't be surprised if I call and just want to chat!! Thanks for being my friends while I was there!! I miss you all.


Cathy said...

I can't believe your baby is 6, Wow!Cute pictures and your house looks very cute. Post more soon Hope all keeps going good for you and your family! Your great!!

Goodwin Family said...

Glad you finally found that deck! :) I'll be waiting for that phone call, and know that we are always here if you need anything!! It's not like Thomas isn't down there EVERY week!! :)

Jodi said...

I've been wondering how you're all doing! Things look great! Hope you can find the energy to get all moved in. We miss you guys!

Happy Birthday to Jason!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous house!! And happy late birthday to Jason. Kirk really misses him up here. Hope you find some new friends down there. Where exactly are you at?