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Monday, March 26, 2012

st patricks day and zanders blessing

 green, green, and more green, call me crazy, but I love st. patricks day! It started with green pancakes and ugly green carmel syrup, and green whip cream. but oh it was so yummy!  Abby and jason had so much fun running around the house finding all the things the crazy leprechan did in our house, like turning the milk green, and the toliet water green,, and leaving footprints in the bathroom.
 Me and the little man, chillin in our green outfits.
 And this is what that leprechan did when we set up our trap to try to catch him. He knocked over our stools,and bench, but at least he left us candy :) Once again we didn't catch him, maybe next year.
 Here is the little monkey, It seems that this is his favorite place, in the bathtub!! He is kind of a fussy baby. He hates the carseat, hates being put down, as long as someone is holding him, and feeding him or he is in the tub, he is happy! what a goofy kid. but we sure love him!!
 And this kid, he turned 13 this last weekend, can you believe that! And all he asked for for his birthday was jerseys, or an ipad, or new ipods, or cell phone, or anything along those lines, (he doesn't ask for much!!) So  the spoiled kid got a jersey. I think he was pretty happy. Its crazy to think he is already a teenager. my babies are growing up. But he is an amazing kid. And although it would be quiet I sure don't what I would do without my joey!! love you buddy.
 This weekend we also had zanders blessing. It was amazing. we had so many family and friends come out to support us. thanks to all of you that made it. we appreciate it so much. We had such a great time with all of you. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great people. It was crazy hectic, and of course brian changed his clothes as soon as we got home, so thats what brought on the next picture.....
 yep.... thats my husband. I had to get a pic of us in our church clothes with zander in his blessing outfit, but brian had changed so I made him change back into his shirt. what a goof.
 We are so blessed to have talented women in our family. this blanked in this picutre was made by my great grandma van patten. I have been able to have each of my kids have their pics taken in their blessing outfits in this blanket.
 And grandma carroll made this blanket. I wish I inherited, or learned some of this, but so far, I have nothing! Maybe its not too late. We will see. But I think my kids are very lucky to have the grandparents, and great grandparents that they have!!
Here are my munchkins! I have to say that I have some pretty awesome kids. I am a very lucky mom to have what I do in my life.


Cathy said...

You do have great kids, Happy Birthday Joey! Glad the blessing went great, he is growing so much.

Goodwin Family said...

Glad we were able to share your day with you!! Thanks for inviting us!! We miss you guys like crazy!

Lisa said...

You guys are so cool! Kirk is reading this post over my shoulder and says he wants to come visit you... maybe we will have to arrange that. :)