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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

april fools to easter and a few things in between

 Joey and zan man hanging out watching tv together. The brothers like to just chill out on the weekends.
 ok, before you freak, i know this looks really gross, its meant to, I made this for april fools day. It was pretty funny. Its brownies squished together to look, well, like poop. We gave it to the kids, and told them that they got to eat "crap" for dinner, they looked at us like we were crazy, Brian picked one up and took a bite, they all just gagged, they still couldn't eat it. it was pretty funny. That is all we did this year, but it was a doozy :)
 Jason was sent up to bed the other night, and for some reason he decided that he wanted to fall asleep in our doorway. he was so cute I had to get a picture. goofy kid.
 Little Zander snoozing on dads chair. He is growing so fast!
 Abby, Jason, and Alli dying easter eggs. they were having a blast, they took their job pretty serious. (well alli did anyway)
 seems like everytime I snap a pic of zach he has to pull a face, so instead of yelling at him to smile, I am embracing the dorky faces. this one is showing off the nice blue mouth from the candy he had eaten earlier. NICE! And of course Joey, he ususally pulls goofy faces, but I acutally caught him inbetween funny faces :) The big boys had a good time coloring eggs this year. Its so fun that they still enjoy it.

 My big baby and little baby, lol, love these 2! just hanging out while the kids colored eggs.
 Easter morning, the kids actually slept in, it was wonderful! They were so happy! Here they are checking out their buckets. They big boys were a little slower.
And of course a holiday can't go by without me making something. So this year I made tyedied waffles, they were so much fun. and the kids loved them! Overall a very successful holiday. We had a wonderful day at church. and enjoyed spending the day together as a family. We also got to spend saturday with my family, my cute little niece saydee got baptized saturday morning, we love these family experiences.

Also just a little side note. for those of you following my little dr. drama, just to catch you up, after I had Zander, I was having a little problem with not feeling well after I ate, started thinking it was gallbladder, I had my tubes tied, then the problem got worse, I went to the dr. last week, sent me in for an ultrasound, and they found a lesion on my liver, so then sent me back in last night for a ct scan, I am now waiting for those results. I will keep you posted on what I find out, hopefully I will hear soon, the waiting is making me crazy!!!


Goodwin Family said...

Love all of your pictures! I need to snuggle Zander, he's getting to big already! Hopefully you hear from those pesky doctors soon!

Jodi said...

Looks like you had a great couple of holidays! Hope things turn out for the best!

Cathy said...

Looks like a fun easter, that baby is growing so fast!

Lisa Thomas said...

You guys have such fun! I love how you tease your kids! And Zander is getting so big! Glad you are on the road to finding solutions... hope they can make you better soon!