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Thursday, June 14, 2012

just a word of advise...

 So welcome to SUMMER!!! This is what zach wanted to try for summer, we are all trying to get use to it still, he is loving all the double takes he gets :)
 So we had morgan come stay with us for a little bit, not long enough according to the girls, they were having so much fun. they have had a really hard time being separated. Thank goodness for facetime and ipods!!!
 And little miss abby lost her tooth finally! I was wondering if that thing would ever come out, but it finally did,and she is much happier, not to mention a dollar richer!
 And zach has been teaching zander to play football, he is not doing very well at it though, he keeps trying to eat the football, maybe one day he will try harder!
As for me, this is my favorite moments of the day, just cuddling! especially when he smiles like this! As for the title of this post, For the last year I keep saying "is there anything else that can happen??' or "what else can go wrong" well I have learned my lesson QUIT ASKING!! duh! I am a bit of a slow learner. sometimes I have to be hit upside the head to learn something. so I am no longer asking those questions. I have gone back to my southern roots, (I think I have southern roots) I thought about just saying "kiss my grits" but that just wont get me anywhere, and I don't need an attitude, I have a 12 year old daughter with one of those, so I have adopted the other southern phrase "well shut my mouth" yep, that is what I am going to do from now on, no more asking what else can happen, or why me, or serious, from now on, its......well shut my mouth, (and yes, you have to say it with a southern accent)
I am feeling much better from all my issues, (like I had a choice) but joey has torn his ACL and is going in for surgery this next tuesday. brian is having dental issues, he had to have a root canal, (you'd think the man gave birth) but is feeling much better thank goodness, and this week joey, who is not soposssed to be playing sports tackled zach and twisted zachs ankle up, and put zach in an air cast for 2 weeks, so what do I say to all of this............"WELL SHUT MY MOUTH"  ;)  enjoy your summer, I am loving mine!!!( did that sound sarcastic, lol)

The Woodpecker Might have to go!

and just a little humor for your day :0)


Cathy said...

I bet Zach is getting double takes, but fun for the summer. Your baby is growing way fast. Hope all goes well with Joey's surgery, and don't shut your mouth, sometimes that stuff just needs to come out! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Thomas said...

Oh my heavens!!! What a horrid start to summer!!! I hope that all the accidents and such are ALL that you have to deal with and the rest of the summer is smooth sailing! Your kids are so cute and getting so big!

Goodwin Family said...

I'm sorry your start to summer has been so crappy! Zach's hair is.....interesting! Miss you guys!!