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Saturday, July 7, 2012

happy july

 Well we are still alive, things have been crazy busy. it is amazing how much time a teenager takes up when he has surgery. so I have had no time for blogging. But I have taken a few picutres. This one was just before surgery. This was the father son campout. Grandpa Carroll got to go with brian and the boys, and they had a blast.
 jason teaching Zander how to play the ipod. i guess you can't learn these things too young anymore.
 and he has now found his tounge and loves to stick it out at everyone! this is his 4 month picture.
 Ok so this is the story behind the big jar of whoppers. I first filled it with m n m's and called it our "pay" for when we did something good we got paid. well I was the one enjoying the m n m's the most. so after i with a little help from brian, ate the whole thing full of the yummy little things decided I needed to fill it with something the kids would eat a little better, ( i thought they would eat mnm's who knew) so I bought whoppers, well jason couldn't stop eating them, and the jar lasted only a week or so. It was pretty funny this is him enjoying his "pay" They story continues down below( I couldn't get my pictures in order sorry)
 So this is my poor joey laid up this is what he looked like for the first week after surgery. For those of you who don't know what happened, The beginning of May during gym class they were playing flag football,and joey in his over ambitious way tore his ACL, and miniscus in his knee, He had surgery to fix this on June 19, that is why I have been off the grid, this kid is demanding when he can't do anything!!!! Make me a turkey sandwitch, get me a gatorade, Im bored, what can I do, I need more Ice for my knee, I am telling you a newborn baby is easier to take care of than joey after surgery!! good thing I love the kid ;) so anyway, here he is playing on the computer with his nifty little ice machine on his knee.  
 This is what his knee looks like 4 days after surgery, the jh is the dr's initials and the yes is "yes do surgery on this knee" He has 10 stapels and 4 sutures in his knee.
 joey was only on crutches for about  10 days, then he progressed to a cane which he only used for a few days, he now doesn't have to use anything! He is doing so well, it is frustrating that he can't do anything for another 4 months, no sports at all, nothing more than walking, but he is doing his phisical therapy, and getting stronger everyday! what a champ.
 and this little stinker is eating food, and loving it. here he is eating peas out of my moms garden. He loves food. so far all he has eaten is the peas, and just recently he ate an avacado!!! he loved it!
 WOW, 5 months old, can you believe it, here is his 5 month pic! he is getting way too big.
 yep, it would not be summer without eating a popsicle, grandpa feeding him a popsicle. He loves them.
 4th of july party at gma and gpas we played water balloon pinata, here is jason he went crazy, he popped all of them, what a nut!
 Abby got a little wild with the bat, she was so funny, she missed about 10 times before we showed her exactly where they were, then she hit a couple, but she couldn't hit them hard enough to pop them, so uncle tj snuck up behind her, and popped one over her head. surprised her like crazy.
 Cousin saydees turn, she just wanted to skip the bat, and pop them over her head, it was so hot, she just wanted to get wet as fast as she could. it worked, she got real wet!
Ok, so for the rest of my 'pay" story, after all the whoppers were gone, I thought I would buy some gummy bears, so I filled up this 1/2 gallon jar full of these yummy little squishy gummy bears the kids ate the WHOLE JAR IN ONE DAY! I did get some extra chores done that day, but seriously one day!! wow, now I have to find and inbetweener, something not quite as good as gummy bears but better than whoppers hmmm. what to do....

And then this bottom picture, is brian and abby, (she in the one under the towel) napping while we were at cherry hills, that was our "staycation"this year, I am actually hating that word, because I really want an acutal vacation! anyway for our family reunion we went to cherry hills so we thought that was pretty cool! We had a blast It was 3 days before joeys surgery so he got to enjoy himself, it was fun to catch up with family. me and the zan man didn't get wet but we had fun catching up with everyone. untill............... at the end of the day, after we closed the place down, we were headed home, and alli started complaining she was itchy, they she was having a little hard time breathing, we got home, we were thinking maybe she just had too much chlorine, so we told her to take a shower, that seemed to make her worse, her whole body was covered in hives, I ran her to the ER, and I am telling you, I wish ER's were a lot more like the tv shows, where you show up, they are waiting for you, they diagnose you within 5 min. treat you in 30 seconds, and just like that you are feeling  better, oh yea and your dr. is always good looking. well that didn't happen. we got there, we were walking through the parking lot, alli passed out, I caught  her and carried her through the door, they took us to the registration, REALLY??  ok so we registered, then they got us to a room, she did wake up in that time, but her hive were huge, and she was twitching by now. a nurse came in took her vitals, then about 15 min later a dr came in told us she needed epinephrine, which I kinda figured! so he left, 5 min after that a nurse came back in said they were moving us closer to the nurses station because her heart rate wasn't very stable. so they moved us, I was thinking, just give her the medicine and she will become more stable right? well it took about 15 more min. to give her the meds. and of course they start working immediatly. then they have to moniter her for about an hour and a half. she was doing great by this time. they unhook her and tell us she can go, its about 1 am by this time, we start walking out get to the hallway, and yep, alli pukes all over the hallway! we turn back around and go back to the room. I am feeling like I will never get to go home.   but they just give her antineasua and let us go again when she feels better. wow what a night. we still don't know why it happened, what caused such a bad allergic reation, we may never know. but she made it through, it was scary, and I hope we never have to through that again!!!


Cathy said...

Wow, Zander is way too cute and growing fast. So glad Joey's surgery went well and very scary with Alli. Loved your pictures, and glad you had a fun 4th. We will have to try water balloon pinatas! Love it. We always play water balloon volley ball. Good way to cool off.

Jodi said...

Zander is growing so fast and he is super cute! Glad Joey is recovering and maybe you can get back on the grid now!:) Sorry about Alli - I can honestly say I completely understand how scary that is! Hope it doesn't happen again! Glad you got a fun staycation although I agree with you - I can't wait for the day we get to take an actual vacation!!:)

Goodwin Family said...

I love your pictures!! I'm glad Joey is doing better! Zander is growing way to fast! Water balloon pinata sounds like a blast!!

Nichols Family said...

Great pictures, it's amazing how busy you are even when you don't really "go" anywhere! I love the picture of Zander with his Grandpa-I have 3 that look the same. I think it is Dad's goal to feed all his grandkids their 1st popsicle!

Lisa Thomas said...

I can't believe how big Zander got in one month! The story about Alli is scary! Poor girl! I hope she doesn't have to deal with that again! Glad you are surviving the summer (if not somewhat enjoying it). Good luck with your candy jar!