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Friday, August 24, 2012

a little, (or a lot) of catching up

 We wanted to have a last summer fling for the younger kids before we moved, so we took the kids to a splash pad, and of course we picked a day that it rained! just our luck. But they had a blast anyway.  Here is jason having a ton of fun, he can't get his pic taken without posing, love that kid!
 Alli drenched! and chilled, but loving it.
 Abby stopped for just a quick pic, she had so much fun too.
 Here are my two boys ready for church so cute in their little ties. love thier smiles!
 Zach, my little cuddlebug, thought it would be fun to tuck zander in his shirt, and of course just like his big brother, he loved it. they walked around the house all cuddled up in the same shirt, goofballs.
 We got to celebrate little miss abby's 7th birthday recently I can't hardly believe she is 7!!! Time just flies! She may still be a little pipsqueak, but she is getting smarter, and sweeter everyday. She had a wonderful, but crazy birthday!
 opening presents at grandma sallys house, thanks to all who were able to come to her party!
 She loves doing homework, so to do summer work, she was thrilled!
 These 2 have been buddies this summer, I love how they hang out together.
 don't mind the background we were packing up to move again. but little zander was trying to figure out his new walker.
 And here is the new place, we are having our first lunch in the new house.
 The kids in the back yard. I will take better pictures later, this is just one I had already taken, I am still putting things away, so give me a few more weeks.
 zander trying to get daddys tie!
 abby opening her present from grandma and grandpa carroll, again don't mind the mess, still trying to move in!
digging in the money bag with grandpa carroll! she did pretty good this year. her hand must be growing. school starts monday, so I will be showing off my cute kids,and hopefully decent pics of the house, its is almost together now!


Jodi said...

The kids are all growing up! Glad you are finally getting settled! Can't wait to see pics!

Cathy said...

I'm still amazed at how much Jason has grown. Cute pictures, looks like they had lots of fun!

Goodwin Family said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Can't wait to come visit!!