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Monday, August 27, 2012

 Wow!!! first day of 2nd grade! Can't believe its here already. Here is my little (Well not so little) Jason all ready for school. He is looking a bit tired, but he is so ready for school.
 Abby has been ready to go to school for weeks now. She finally gets to go today. She couldn't be more excited.
 Alli actually started last friday, and she got today off, but I wanted all the kids pics together, so here she is from her first day. looking so big! Her first day of Jr. high. She had a great first day and made a lot of new friends.
 Joey was being rebellious and didn't want his pic taken, but I was a mean mom and made him do it anyway. 8th grade better be ready for him (kinda funny that his new school is the "rebels")
 And can you believe that I actually have a high schooler! I know crazy huh. but true. growing up way too fast. but he is such a good kid, I think he is a little excited for high school too. maybe just a little.

And I can't leave out the Zan man, this was his reaction when I told him it was just him and me! He will be so lonely all day. but just imagine all the work I will get done :)


Goodwin Family said...

They all look so big!! Hope you enjoyed your day today!

Cathy said...

They all look so cute, Zach changed his hair back. Hope you had fun with your little guy!

Jamie Bowcutt said...

Such cute kidos!!

Lisa Thomas said...

What cute kids you have!! I can't believe how big your baby is!