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Thursday, September 27, 2012

 I had to get a picture of Zander in this shirt because he was wearing this when Zach went on his date to homecoming, just got me thinking I have a lot of years of kids dating!
 Here is my handsome young man posing by his new (OLD) car, no he doesn't have his lisence yet, but him and brian have 9 more months to get this car in tip top shape before he does get his lisence.
 Here are Zach and Sage doing the boutineer (sp) we had a little struggle with it, but she figured it out later at the dance! way to go sage!!!
 Look how cute they are! They had a blast. They went rock climbing earlier in the day, then had dinner at Sage's house, then off to the dance. My little buddy is growing up too fast, but thats ok when I get to enjoy watching him have so much fun.
 And this little car was one of alli's school projects it is a mouse trap car. It so did not work. she was told to bring stuff from home to put on a mouse trap so that when the mouse trap was set off the car would go at least 3 feet. alli failed, but she still got an A for effort ! Her and Brian are going to rebuild it for fun to see if they can get it to work.
 And mr Joey, keeping life interesting for us. just what we needed. He decided he needed a litte extra attention, and had to get his appendix out! so last week thats what we did!Here he is in the ER awww, tuff but loveable.
 And for alli's YW in excellence project she learned how to make a peach pie!! she made this for joey for when he came home from the hospital, (I knew she loved him)
 And in all this craziness, well actually before this, we had Jasons birthday! He had a fun birthday, he actually said it was his best birthday EVER! What an awesome 7 year old.
 Abby checking him out opening his presents.
 Jason blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.
 And of course since we have a pool we have to have a pool party if your birthday is in the summer right??? So here we are with the cousins all jumping in except for jason who wanted to do it alone......
 so here he is.....
 Zander growing up way too fast!
 I know, I know, my pictures are always out of order! but when zach asked sage to the dance, we made carrot cake cookies and took her a stuffed rabbit with a note that said : "somebunny" wants to go to homecoming with you, if you "carrot' all you would say yes. this is how she answered, with this fun puzzle.
 kids are so creative!! I love it.
Alli and zander sharing a pear! my baby loves big people food now  :)
Ok I know I keep promising pics of my house, I have them on my camera, but I keep forgeting to put them on the computer, so today I will because I need to get a picture of miss abby, she got a big black eye yesterday, so that is what is coming up next........(keep ya hooked right, lol. plus another yummy recipe.


Cathy said...

I can't believe that Zach is dating, WOW it goes so fast! Enjoy every minute of it Love your pictures Hope Joey is doing well

Goodwin Family said...

Oh my heck, I miss you! Love the pictures, Zander is getting so big! My kids are super jealous of the pool!

Jamie Bowcutt said...

Love all the picures!