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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doctor Doctor give me the news.........
Ok so I have never been a very patient person. And this recent trial is no exception. I took Joey into the Dr.s last month for some blood work, and bone scans. I am sure most of you know that He has been having some difficulty in his little life. I have been taking him to a couple different dr.s and finally found one to listen to me, and do some tests. Well now I am waiting to hear the results. I have already waited 11 days. I wish I was one of those people that when stressed out they can't eat, lose weight, you know the type, but no, I get stressed out, and can't stop eating. It is horrible. If I don't hear from the dr. soon, I may be the next contestant on the biggest loser!!! And on top of all the stress, my little Jason Jett got really sick yesterday. We were up all night with coughing, and fever. Poor baby he is so miserable. So we are playing hooky from church today to take care of my little one. And maybe if all goes well, a well deserved nap!


Lewis Family said...

Mindy- I hope you hear from the dr. soon! How frustrating! So sorry Jason is sick - in my opinion there's few things worse than having sick kids!

BrownFamilyBlog said...

I am sorry that your little boy is sick. Nicole is sick. She has a stuffy nose. But that means that at 1 am I am getting up with her because she wants to watch a movie or just snuggle. Last night she needed to snuggle at 2am. I am not really a night owl, especially if I have been a sleep for a few hours. I hope all gets better soon.
Keep smiling.