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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny story

Brian was packing up to go back to work again today, We sure have loved having him home with us for the last week. Its always hard to have him leave again. But we had a little neighbor girl over at our house today that made it a little easier. Alli's friend Torrie went up to Brian when he was leaving and was talking to him about why he has to go away to work, so far away, then she said...................... "Oh yeah its cause your a semi-person" It hit me so funny. Most kids would say a truck driver, but I couldn't stop laughing when she called him a semi-person. So now that is our joke for Brian, He can get away with anything, cause he is a
semi-person. Kids are so funny. Thanks for the laugh torrie.

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Michelle Jensen said...

That is too cute. Kid's are soo funny!!!