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Monday, March 23, 2009

Does anyone recognize this cute baby?
Its my birthday boy!!!!!
It is so hard to believe how fast time flies. 10 years ago today I was being handed this little bundle of joy trying to figure out how to raise another boy, and now... 10 years later, I am still trying to figure it out. Joey is such a fun kid. He is full of personality, and humor. He definatley keeps me on my toes. He is growing up so fast. I am going to turn around again, and he will be 20! Once again we need to find the pause button on life, or at least the slow down button. But as hard as it is to see your kids grow up, it is just as fun to see all the changes in our lives. Joey isn't the little boy who liked to play cars anymore, now he wants to play with horses, and bb guns, and ride his bike all over town- ALONE, or hang out with his friends. Now he talks about driving cars instead of playing with them, thank goodness that is still a few years away. But anyway enough ranting from an ever aging mother. Happy Birthday Joey We all love you so much!
joey 6 months old
zach 2, joey 4 months

joey 1 month old

one of my all time fav. pics Joey 8 months, zach 2 1/2

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Lewis Family said...

What a cute baby! Happy Birthday Joey!