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Friday, June 19, 2009

What a bunch of goofs!!!
We all got a little slap happy last night at bedtime. Abby was asleep in her bed, and Jason had fallen asleep on the couch, when the other 3 got goofy. trust me they only look innocent!!
Zachs head stand, one of many.

Joeys attempt at a head stand, (just a little help was needed)

Alli folding herself in half.

And now backwards, (I did try this, and I don't recomend it for anyone over the age of 10)


Lewis Family said...

I'm impressed that you tried that move of Alli's, I'm afraid if I got down there, I'd never get up again!! I just have to tell you how cute Abby was in Primary today. Both her and Jason were very attentive and into the singing. Abby especially was thrilled when she got to participate in Sharing Time. Very cute!!!

Carroll family said...

Thanks so much. I am so happy that Abby has addapted to primary so well. She looks forward to chruch now. You 4 are the best presidency!!!

Nichols Family said...

Seriously goofy kids, but at least I know they come by it naturally. From their Aunt Kami! We'll blame it all on her until she starts blogging too.