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Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day!!!!

Happy Valentines day mommy!
This is how Jason wished me happy valentines day! I tell you I wll take it any day! What a cute and precious valentine~ melt my heart!~ These are the YUMMY brownies I made for my church girls for valentines. they turned out pretty cute too!
And our Valentines day breakfast. I made the kids pink heart shaped pancakes! I think they liked them! I didn't quite catch Abby, Alli and Zach before they started eating so their hearts are bitten into but thats ok, that just means they liked them right??

Happy valentines day everybody!


Cathy said...

You are so creative with foods, do you give lessons? Love it, Happy Valentines Day!

Jodi said...

You really should start your own cooking show or something! Very cute - Happy Valentines!

Wildingkids said...

Where's my pink heartshaped waffles? I hope you saved me some brownies!!

Goodwin Family said...

We had pink heart pancakes for breakfast to! Brianna wouldn't eat them though. i guess she thought they would taste funny or something!