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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well, Joey is off at another swim meet this weekend. I was unable to go with him this time since I just can't figure out how to rip me in 5 different ways!!! But he was totally ok with that since I sent him with some friends, his D.S, and some cash. He is having so much fun. I have received a few scriptic text messages from him:
havin fun
doin gd
restrnt (yes they went to olive garden lucky kid)
2d butt (found out later this means 2nd place in butterfly)
4!sds free (41 seconds in freestyle)
so after figuring out all my text messages I am pretty proud of all the hard work my Joe man has put into his swimming! Way to go Joe!!!!!
But yes I miss him like crazy. one more day, he will be home tomorrow!


Jodi said...

Good job Joey! I'm so happy that
2d butt doesn't mean he's got some strange growth happening!

Cathy said...

He is the cutest guy! Way to go, Joey!!!!!!!!!!

Selena Sorensen Guthrie said...

Alli told me in Church yesterday that Joey was doing really good!! That so Cool!! -She was super Proud!!
I just Love your Kids!!