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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

joey swimming with the olympians

Joey got to go to the swim with the olymian fitter and faster tour in Idaho Falls last week.
He had SO MUCH FUN!! They talked with him, gave him advice, and then they swam with him. what a great experience for kids! The olympians that were there where Misty Hyman and Ian Crocker. Joey was so proud and excited. He got their autographs on his goggle case! What an exciting night! Here they are getting thier instructions and Qand A with Ian and Misty.
Here's my Joe man.

Joey showing off his new t-shirt he got.

Ian and Misty doing thier autograph thing!
It sure motivated Joey and got him really excited for the next swim meet! He said he is even ready to try the breaststroke! His least favorite! talk about a motivational speech! Can't wait to see the improvement in him! What a fun night and thanks to grandma and grandpa carroll for driving up to take him since I was at home taking care of Alli and Jason who just got their tonsils out!


Jodi said...

That's cool they took the time to come and encourage the kids. It sounds like Joey's doing great!

Nichols Family said...

Joey- I'm so glad you got to go! You are doing so awesome, and we are so proud of you. Can't wait to see you next week!

Aunt Lanie