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Friday, July 2, 2010

Well.......what do you do when its Tuesday and you are so bored? you make cupcakes of course!
My kids thought I was crazy, but whats new! This was last week, I am a little slow in posting, but the kids were bored, and I was running out of ideas, so I decided to make cupcakes, and give them frosting, and decorations, and let them have at it! They had a blast! Here is pepper and Alli doing their very best at decorating!
Zachs final creation, of course, he lives in pokemon world! so his cupcake is geared towared pokemon!

Salt, just liked frosting the little cuppies, then licking off the yummy frosting! A kid after my own heart.

Pepper has to eat things one at a time first the frosting then the cupcake!

Joey with all his decorating tools ready to write! Go joey you're the man, look out duff, joey is the new ace of cakes!!!

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BrownFamilyBlog said...

I may have to use this idea. My kids are always looking for fun ideas.