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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thanks Uncle Jim!!! He helped me figure out how to get the pics from my phone to my blog!! thank you! I am so not into this technology stuff, brian bought me a touch phone and I can't figure out anything, plus I keep calling my friend at odd hours of the night when I try to call brian back. so sorry I am trying to figure this thing out. But I did get the pics I took of the kids the morning of surgery! Here are Jason and Alli right before they went into surgery. A little nervous, but all in all, pretty happy.
I know I know, I keep posting pics backwards, I am not promising that I will figure that out, we will just have to deal with my incompitence there. But this pic is of the kids on the way out to the car after surgery. How sad do they look! But of course I thought it was cute thy both fit in the same wheelchair and I didn't have to carry anyone.

They are getting ready do go back for surgery, they give them strawberry scented masks to practice breathing through, so when they hook up the gas it isn't as scary. They are just so darn cute together.
So here we are on day 3 after surgery and I am tired, Jason still won't sleep, he just cries all night. Alli is doing ok. she is one of those suffer in silence types. she just wants to be left alone and every once in a while a little cuddle, a popcicle, and her tylenol. A few more days, and hopefully things will start returning back to normal!!!

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Cathy said...

way cute pictures, hope there feeling better!