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Monday, May 23, 2011

hold on for the ride!

My little girl has turned 11! What a little sweetheart! And let me tell you her birthday was a whirwind. We asked her if we could celebrate a few days later, but nope, she wanted it on her birthday. So after t-ball, and dance, and scouts, and mutual, at 9:30 we finally celebrated her birthday, but it was ok, she was so happy!
 She fianlly got her big hoop earings :) yea!
 And a skipper jump rope thingy, which she is really good at, (I will practice when nobody is around so I can get good and show off to everybody later)
 And this fun big volleyball game which if it ever stops raining she will really enjoy playing!
 Happy birthday birthday my beatiful princess.
 and a new shirt from grandma and grandpa carroll!
 Then on to zach's middle school graduation, BBQ and minute to win it fun!! He had a blast. here he is having fun playing the games.
 Zach seems pretty fleible leaning all the way over to pick up the sacks for this game.
 Stacking up the bolts, he seems pretty steady.
 AND THEN.........on to lagoon (or as jj calls it the goon) the girls had a dance competiton so off we were to lagoon to dance and play! first of all, allis team took first, yea, and abbys team took second, yea!! here are the kids and brian playing!!
 playing on the log ride!
 I tried to get jason's face, but he kept it down the whole time, funny kid!
Me and the crazy kids , we all had a BLAST!! a little too much sun, a little too much fun. great family day! my kids amaze me, they all went on roller coasters, Abby was a little short to go on some, but she wanted to, but the rest of them went on crazy roller coasters that blew me away! my kids are fearless! I love them.


Jodi said...

Happy Birthday to Alli! That is a way cute cake you made her! I love Lagoon - looks like you had a great family day, you guys deserve it!:)

Cathy said...

Hope you had a great day, Alli! we love ya. Looks like lots of family fun!

Lisa said...

What a fun time! Do you guys get discounts for the girls' dance stuff? Happy birthday alli! :)