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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my mothers day

 These are the adorable "breakfast in bed" sacks that salt and pepper made for me in school to give me on mothers day. they were so excited they had a hard time waiting! and how cute are those pics of me on the front.
 These are the goods. a little apple juice, granola bar,a fig bar, and a napkin, then on mothers day, jason came running in, and threw the sack on my bed, and said happy mothers day! and ran off, It was pretty cute. unfortunatley abby was sick so ,I got my sack from her later.
 This is the poem on the front of the sack, I thought it was adorable.
Being a mom means everything to me! I love my kids more than anything, they teach me so much every day. I am hopefully growing as a mom all the time and getting better at it! I love my kids so much!


Cathy said...

I agree kids are the best! Love your family picture!! and thanks for the cupcake!

Goodwin Family said...

Love the bags! They are so cute and what a fun idea! Thank YOU for being a great friend! The cupcake was DELICIOUS!!!

Jodi said...

I loved the bags too! I had the kids make 2 more to give to their grandmas and they loved them too!

Cute family picture!

So glad you had a good Mother's Day, you deserve it!:)

Lisa said...

Aren't they the cutest! I loved it! And the family pic is ADORABLE!

Tricia said...

So dang cute. I just LOVE the things the kids make at school for us mom's. The family picture is perfect...I love it!