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Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas party games, and oh baby, 32 weeks

 I totally forgot to put this pic in with my last post, so here is what I got for my 1 person baby shower!! pretty handsome stuff, I can't hardly wait to get some of these clothes on my baby! Thanks again mom and dad love ya tons!
 And yes here is the belly! And just so you all know, I do realize that I am not HUGE, but this is the biggest I have ever gotten with a pregnancy, so for me this is huge!! I'm feeling like I can't get bigger, but I am sure I will. I have started going to my dr. appts every week, and every week I get a non stress test, and an ultrasound just to make sure this little peanut is doing ok. so far so good, its just mama that is tired, with a backache, headaches, you know the usual. but also anxious to get through the holidays and meet this kid!
 ok, so my family won't appreciate that I posted these pics, but they are so cute, and funny. At our christmas party, we played games I have not seen before. this one was a team effort, each member of the team had to blow up 5 balloons, and stuff them in pantyhose, then get them on one of their heads to look like antlers. It was so funny, and I thought these guys  looked pretty good!
Another game I have not seen yet, they had the head of each family stand still while their kids and grandkids decorated them like trees! It was a blast to watch, that is my cute daddy on the right, All the kids decorated so cute,and had so much fun, lots of laughs that night..... can't hardly wait for christmas.


Cathy said...

You look so cute!! Love the games we have done the balloon one so fun, going to try the tree one.

Jodi said...

What fun and creative game ideas! Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!:)

Travelin' Mom said...

Mindy, I am so loopy! I didn't even know you were expecting! I feel so old, I have a two year old grandson and my oldest daughter is expecting in July! You are such an amazing woman, I love you to death!