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Monday, December 19, 2011

first lost tooth, christmas cooking, and my mini baby shower

 Jason has been patiently waiting to lose his first tooth, during kindergarten most of his friends started losing teeth, but not jason. (abby either) The first of the summer abby had to get 4 teeth pulled, so she lost a bunch at the same time, but still jason waited, we are in december of first grade he finally lost his first tooth. He was eating a piece of toast, and couldn't bite it, I checked his teeth, and it was practically falling out. so one little yank, and he was eating toast again. He was pretty happy.
 And the tooth fairy came, that made him even happier :)
 ok so my darling hubby decided to make a homemade gingerbread house. Here are the kiddos rolling and cutting out, its not put together quite yet, but will be soon, and I will have to show you all how it turned out.
 And of course the clean up, these two little monkeys wanted to help clean up, so I put them on dishes duty. They loved it, they had so much fun, it was crazy, I made sure to tell them they could do dishes any time they wanted to!
 baking marathon, here are my cookie balls that I turned into meliting snowmen.
 The 3 older kids wrapping up the carmels, and eating a few.
 The table filled with all the things we made, ready to take to neighbors, ( we only know like 3 or 4 so we may have leftovers, lol)
 My darling mother threw me a surprise baby shower, well, a mini baby shower, everything was from her. I am so grateful for my mom and dad, they are the best parents ever! Me and the kids had so much fun opening things for our little baby, who only has 8 more weeks till he is due!
 Such cute clothes.
And of course coming to our family, I found this shirt quite fitting, it says 'wild child' He should fit right in. we are all getting excited to meet our little one.


Cathy said...

The kids are looking so grown up! Sure miss your cute family, Merry Christmas!!

Goodwin Family said...

Abby is looking so different! She's growing up! You're belly is SOOO cute!! miss you!!

Jodi said...

Congrats to Jason on finally losing his first tooth! Glad you got a mini baby shower! Wish you guys were still here!:) Happy Holidays!