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Saturday, December 31, 2011

highlights of christmas

 Brian was very determined this year to make a gingerbread house, so he did!! It took almost 2 weeks, but this is the final project, finished christmas eve. brian wouldn't let the kids eat it till the day after christmas. But I thought the kids (and brian) did great!
 Alli helping me make chocolate carmel popcorn, YUM!!! she is turning out to be quite the little helper. And she loves it, bonus. And the popcorn was delish.
 Last year, living in downey, on chirstmas eve, it was raining/snowing, and when the kids looked outside there was a bottle of sparkling apple juice on the railling, so the little kids were certain that it rained down their christmas drink. Well this year, it happened again, only it wasn't raining, we got a knock on the door, and this was sitting there!
 Here are all the kids toasting to christmas with their apple juice! so cute. Then they each got to open a christmas eve present....
 This year they got fuzzy socks, They look so cute in their fuzzies.
And just a small highlight of christmas morning, The kids were all so happy, and so fun. Hope everybody had a great christmas.


Jodi said...

So glad you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!:)

Goodwin Family said...

glad you had a great Christmas! now on to baby baby baby!! :)