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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

goodbye 2011!!!!

Ok!! so most of my friends and family know all about the  difficult year of 2011 for us. First of all, during the begining of the year, I was having a difficult time raising our adorable 5 kids all by myself, it just keeps getting harder, so brian and I had many discussions about how to get him home more, but at the same time, his work was keeping him longer and longer in north dakota then he got layed off. so he started looking for work, He finallly found a job in salt lake. So he basically moved in with his parents, which didn't fix our problem of me raising our kids alone, so we made the difficult decision to put our house up for sell. Brian was excited, I was aprehensive. Then we  found out about our surprise baby! We weren't quite sure if this was good or not, but of course all babies are blessings, It was just a shock. So I told brian I can't raise 6 kids alone, we needed to be together, so he started looking for a place for us in Ut. and found one at the end of july, However as my downey friends know, the fair was the first week in august! So packing didn't happen for me untill the week we had to move. So thanks to all my friends that helped us out!! It was crazy, I also almost misscarried that week, but things turned out ok there! So we left our home, and our wonderful friends and started our new adventure in utah. And what an adventure it has been. As I have said before, so I won't bore you with the detailes, the kids have done WONDERFUL!! They adjusted better than I ever imagined they would. Brian loves where we are, and then there is me, I am homesick. I miss my friends and home in downey. It is so hard for me to adjust knowing that this place is temporary. So we finished the the year and had hopes and dreams of a better 2012, so far, I am frustrated, our stove has been out for a week, and I ruined our microwave (long story there) so life has been interesting. but on the plus side, I went to my O.B. today, and my little baby boy has grown a little, I am now 34 weeks along, and he is measuring at about 31 weeks, he is little, but still trying to grow! so we are plugging along and getting anxious to see this little one! And of course once I have him, I can plan a trip back to downey to visit!!! So as for 2012, I have made a few goals, to be more positive, to get organized, and to be a better mom and wife. So wish me lots of luck on my goals, I need it!!!


Cathy said...

Mindy, I don't know how you did it without Brian around. You are a super Mom! Glad that you can all be together!

Goodwin Family said...

I hope this year is so much better then last but we miss you like crazy around here! Can't wait to see you guys again and meet that new little baby!!!

Jodi said...

So glad it's a new year for you and that you're all together now! Dan isn't gone out of town overnight so I don't know exactly what you've been through, but I do know how tough it's been for me the last few years with him being gone every day and evening with school, church and work! It's hard to go it alone! Just a few more years hopefully! Hope you are feeling good and it will be fun to see you soon!!!:)

Lisa said...

You are amazing. I miss you too! We definitely need to hang out when you take a trip up here! Or maybe I just need to get down to you!