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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the things kids say..........

 Ok, I have to say, all my kids say adorable things, (mostly cause they take after me) but this kid takes it to a whole new level!! He is always cracking us up. Everyday for homework he has to read a book to someone, and have it signed, the other day we asked him who he wanted to read to, he looks at all of us sitting there, and starts eeny  meenie miny mo, well he stopped on me :) then he said Alli! I just ran out of meenies.  Another funny moment.... I can't even remember what happened but jason stopped and looked at everyone and said "I did not see that coming" And of course thanks to our cars wii game and lightning mcqueen, his new favorite word, "perfection"  he says things like, "this dinner is perfection" or " I look like perfection today" or " I was like perfection at school today" And of course when it comes to cooking, he has requested cinnamon toast for breakfast every morning, well this last weekend, brian got to make his toast. well it was a bit darker than mom makes it, he picked it up and looked and looked at it, then said, "your awesome dad, but mom is a better cook than you" then after he tried another piece of toast, dad finally made it to, you all know by now...."perfection" maybe you just have to be there, but I think its funny, and I think this adorable boy is perfection.
And as for this miracle picture, I have not been feeling very well lately, I have 5 weeks left of this pregnancy, and have been suffering with back labor pains, and migraines, my latest lasting the last 5 days, so I started dinner ( a lovely dinner of 2 different kinds of hamburger helper) and joey came up to see if I needed help, so even though it was mostly done, I asked him to stir while I got plates out. So this is proof that joey can help!!! He does it in his own style, but he helps!!
And in other baby news, I went to the dr. yesterday, got my steroid shot, and some meds for my migraine, (not helping yet, but I am hopeful) baby is still small, he should be just over 5 pounds now, and he is hovering around 4-4 1/2 lbs. or so they think, I am not sure how exactly they  can say that, but we will see. We are all anxious to meet this little no name man. hopefully a name will come to us the second we see his little face. lately  I have been calling him rocky cause he is beating me up! There is crazieness going on in me the last week or so. I am grateful for the good weather lately, I have not had to deal with much snow, or ice, so for that I am happy! after I have this baby, I can't wait to see the white stuff again!


Goodwin Family said...

Jason cracks me up! I sure miss that kid!! Hope your headache goes away soon!!!

Jodi said...

Funny cute kids! The end of pregnancy just really stinks! Hope you can feel better soon!

Cathy said...

Jason's eyes are beautiful, and what a cute personality!! Hope you get feeling better soon

Lisa said...

Your kids are so funny! I can just see Jason saying that!!