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Thursday, January 26, 2012

being a little selfish.....

yep, I am still here, and still pregnant. Good and bad, good that little baby is still growing and healthy! that is always a good thing, bad part, mom is falling apart, which means yes my whole life has fallen apart. The house is trashed, laundry doesn't get done, there are only healthy meals when I suck it up and cook, other than that its top ramen. My kids have thrown away thier entire organized schedule even though I have it written out on the calandar. The kids are cranky cause dad forgets to look at clocks and seems to always let them stay up too late. So on one hand I am grateful my baby gets a chance to grow more, but on the other hand, I am more than ready. I have hit the end, I am done hearing, wow you are bigger than you have ever been, and is that thing ever going to come out, my poor kids get yelled at every time they ask me if I am going to have the baby today, my response: you will know when the baby comes out, now quit asking me!!! I know people mean well, but the things they say at the end of a pregnancy never come out right. My poor family is walking on eggshells around me, which for those of you who know me, know that I am usually quite mellow. So psyco mamma is on the loose, in fact, I got fed up with my ob over the last 2 weeks for a long list of reasons, and decided to find a new dr. this week, I go see him tomorrow. So lesson here: Never make a pregnant woman mad!! I don't know if it was the right decision or not, but I am happy with it, so I guess that is what counts at this poing.I am anxious to see this little one, and to show him off! I do want to thank everyone for their support, I know you all mean well, but I think for now, I will take my back labor, and my migraines and crawl in a dark quiet hole till this little man decides to make his appearance. (hopefully soon)


Cathy said...

Ok, I'm trying to imagine you being a pysho mama! It's just not happening you always have that cute smile on. But, I do hope your little man hurrys up and gets here, so you can start feeling better. Love you guys!!!!!

Shannon said...

I do believe that you have been kidnapped by a psycho pregnant lady, LOL. It is okay to be cranky and stressed. But when things start to wind down, give me a call. I have some new migraine meds that they have put me on, I will tell you about along with the topamax that are amazing. Stay strong, you can do this!!!

Goodwin Family said...

I agree! I think you're super woman!! You'll get through this and that little guy will be here before you know it!! Love ya! :) Can't wait to see you next week!