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Thursday, January 19, 2012

professional skaters....... I think not!

 So, the kids school had a family skate night, and since I haven't done much with the kids, because I haven't felt very good, I thought it would be fun to take them! so I loaded myself on headache meds and off we went! Zach and his friend got  blades, Joey and his friend got skates, Alli and abby got skates, and jason chose a scooter. Jason was a wild man, and loved every second of it. Zach did really well with his blades, and had a blast. My girls, not so much, abby spent more time on her behind than on her skates, and alli would only skate around on the carpet. but joey, wouldn't even skate big chicken! He took his skates off, and brian kept eyeing them for a while before he decided to go ahead and try skating, well he went around once,and did ok, then he was skating with alli, and got his skates tangled in hers and went down. We are still not sure if his wrist is broke or not, and he sure is sore today, but he had fun anyway :) Maybe if he hurts bad enough, he will go to the dr. but I doubt it.
 They had different kinds of races, Here is jason in the scooter race. he didn't win, but he sure was proud of himself! And he was fun to watch.
 Abby wanted to do the sock race, she sure was cute running in her little stockings! she didn't win either, but she had a lot of fun.

And I am not sure what happened with my pictures, but this one is of me at 36 weeks!!!! I am so almost done, and I have to say I can't wait, I have been in such a bad mood, and in so much pain, with back labor for the last4 weeks, and a migraine for the last almosts 2 weeks sure makes for a mean  momma. I had high hopes my  dr would agree to start me at 37 weeks and get me out of my misery, but he informed me that he wouldn't start me till I hit 39 weeks because the baby is measuring at only 33-34 weeks it will give him a chance to catch up a little. but the thought of going 3 more weeks was too overwhelming for me, I cried for 2 days, and I still breakdown a couple times a day, but I really want this baby to be healthy. I am so torn, I have been on so many meds for my migraines that I feel the baby will be better off out of my body, but it seems I am the only one that thinks that. As I tell everyone everyday, I am DONE!!! I promise after delivery I will have more positive blogs, but for now, just saying it as it is, I am just plainly in a bad mood!! And I have bad thoughts about my dr that I thought I liked, but likeI said, I am sure it will all change once I hold my little baby! I am going to get more steroid shots in my head to get rid of this migraine, so that when it comes time to deliver, I can acutally do it without my head exploding, so that is my little soap opera life, I will let you all know when baby carroll gets here and I am happy again!!!
I do have to mention that besides the couple of phone calls I get from downey a week, which always make my day, I was grateful for the fraziers who sent down some real, straight out of the ground idaho spuds for me! what a treat.


Goodwin Family said...

I love the skating pictures! The kids look like they are having a look amazing!! I wish I were closer and could help out. :( I think about you every day!!

Jodi said...

Looks like fun - glad you're having some fun together time!

The Holt's said...

I sooooo remember those horrible last few weeks. Gag. Makes for a cranky cranky woman. Good luck!!! Once he is out...the memory of these last few weeks will grow more dim. We are praying for happy momma and healthy baby!!! Love ya!

Lisa said...

I am so sorry you have been so miserable! Your kids are sure cute. Glad the end is near!