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Monday, August 31, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa's weekend visit!!
Grandma and grandpa Carroll came up for the weekend to celebrate Jason's birthday. We had so much fun with them. But I think they went home pretty tired, after the...lets go on a walk, lets play a game, read to me, lets go to the school to play, will you fix my bike, lets clean out the shed together. We may have taken advantage of them a little bit. But we hope they had enough fun to come back up soon.Here is Jason opening the present from grandma and grandpa, he loved the puzzle, and book!!

Jason reaching in the money bag. He hasn't quite figured out how to get a lot of money, but that will come with time.
Grandpa reading to miss Alli!

Grandpa and grandma stopped at a fruit stand, and found this humongous cantaloupe. It is the biggest one I have ever seen!! AND it tasted good. Joey was in heaven!

Our wonderful g & g also surprised us by stopping at the sock shop on thier way up here. Here we all are in our new socks, and what you don't see, is when my kids get new socks, they immediatly spray the hardwood floor with pledge, and go sock skating. Over the next few days, there were many slips, and falls, but no broken bones, and many laughs!!
Thanks g & g for a great visit!! come again we dare you!

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