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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ok so those of you who know me pretty well, know I have somewhat obsessive compulsive tendencies. Well I was having a bad day the other day, and I decided to have a handful of m n m's to make everything better. Because of course chocolate makes everything better right??? So when I eat m n m's I have to eat them in 2's and they have to be the same color, at the end of the handful, if there are any single m's left I have to put them back. I know I know you don't have to say it. So anyway, I grabbed a handful of the yummy chocolate stress relievers, and grabbed the exact right amount, I ate the whole handful 2 at a time, 2 blues...2 reds... 2 greens...etc . and when I was done there were none left, the perfect handful of m's. What a great way to change a day from bad to good.
I wish you all the perfect handfull of m n m's today!!

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Wildingkids said...

It CRACKS ME UP everytime you do that!!! I love you tons!!!