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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Survival of the fitest

We made it!!!
Our last summer adventure. And what an adventure it was. But we made it.
This is zach, and chase (charlie snuck in too) but Zach and Chase pretty much ran up the mountain. Oh how would it be to be young again!! I was wondering if I would make it and these show offs ran the whole way. Alli standing close to the top showing off how far up we were.
Grandpa, Joey, Alli, and Abby taking a small break on our way up the mountain. But they were all troopers, there was no complaining while hiking (well a little from me) but I was so proud of all of them, even you grandpa!

Jason and Morgan how cute are these two!!! And they walked all the way. wow pretty impressive.

And the proof that we made it to the top,this is the sign at the entrance to the cave.

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