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Friday, November 13, 2009

So I did these next two posts backwards, so make sure you keep reading so you understand where I am coming from . I know this is not the best pic, but I just wanted to show how BIG my kids are getting, well some of them. Just last year my boys were comparing heights, they were so close! Now, not so much. Joey has had a HUGE growth spurt, I swear I was buying him new clothes every other week. Now this is the proof how much he has grown. He is only an inch away from being as tall as me! And the poor kid is only 10 this is crazy!!! what to do, what to do. I may make him carry books on his head to keep him from growing, you think that would work?

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Jodi said...

For some reason my blog list isn't alerting me when you update! :( I've noticed Jason getting bigger too and I've had the same thoughts about Ruby. I can't believe they are headed to Kindergarten next year! Hope you're able to find out some news about Joey soon! Some GOOD news!