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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So take it or leave it!!
This is what 35 looks like.
Of course anyone looks better with 2 cute babies by their side. It is kind of funny, as I get older. I use to think 35 was getting old. Now, thats not old at all. I may have a few aches and pains, and a couple of stray gray hairs, but all in all, the last 35 years have treated me pretty good. Thanks to all my kids, and friends, and my wonderful hubby who have all helped make the transition of years that much sweeter! I love you all! I don't look 35 do I??????


Talbot said...

You look GREAT! 35 is so young, wait till you get my age! But, shouldn't we get better with age?

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Mindy! You don't look a day over 20! Doesn't it seem like as you get older, age doesn't matter anymore? I keep forgetting how old I am. The only reminder is when I hurt myself, then I realize, oh, I guess I'm not 20 anymore! Either way, you look MARVELOUS DARLING!