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Sunday, November 29, 2009

You have got to be kidding me!!!
Ok, so I will start close to the begining. My table was old and dirty. Brian and I had decided to pull the table apart and clean all the cracks,and crevices. Well we did that and it was so clean it shined! We were pushing the table back together and SNAP it broke right in half, and the leg broke. We tried for quite a while to fix it, but in the end did not feel like it would be safe to use, so off it went to the dining room in the sky. This is our new table! well for a while anyway, till things get a little more comfortable, and we can buy another dining room table. But I have to say it does make for some fun and interesting dinners!! Life is such an adventure.
AND top off my day, my favorite spatula broke! And according to zach, it went to the lovely kitchen drawer in the sky. REALLY! I just wanted to scream out WHATS NEXT! Well I shouldn't have asked, my satelite on our tv went out. REALLY! Well we have a repairman coming out mon. and I bought a new spatula, we are still eating Japanese style, on th floor, buy I can live with that!


Talbot said...

Well, Mindy your spatula just met up with mine. I hate it when your favorite one breaks or gets lost! Things seem like they always break at Christmas time, last year it was our washer & dryer, year before the fridge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this year. Keep smilin!

Goodwin Family said...

bummer! What a sad deal! My kids would LOVE to eat on the floor! :) You're spatula met up with my salad shooter thingy that melted in my dishwasher! :)

Jodi said...

I think my favorite saying applies to this situation you find yourself in: If it's not one thing, it's ten others!

If you need more tv trays, we have 4 more that you're welcome to borrow until you can get another table!!!