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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Next you cut up 5 tortilla shells into 1 inch pieces, throw those in the mix, add some yummy cheese about 2 cups, put the lid on and let the cheese melt and get all gooey and delicious!
And of course if your helper wears your cute shoes it makes any meal better.

this is the final result! dinner in one pan!!! Now is that easy or what! And it tastes good! Bonus.

Here is my cute helper chopping up some lettuce to put on top.

And voila~~ Add a dollop of sour cream, you can add some chopped up tomatoes too, but my kids won't eat them! Enjoy!


Lisa said...

YUM! Looks so good! I'd have to swap out ranch seasoning for the taco seasoning though cuz Paul hates the stuff. :) Thanks for the good recipe! Oh and the shoes? Definitely perfect kitchen material! (PS - left you a comment on my preschool blog...)

Cathy said...

Thanks, I need something new to make looks yummy, and the shoes really add to it!

Selena Sorensen Guthrie said...

Yummy! Good Idea, Thanks! I always need Dinner Ideas!! I just wish I could look that cute making Dinner!!

Shannon said...

Thanks Mindy tried it last night. Everyone loved it!!!

Nichols Family said...

We tried this when I was just going to make tacos again. They all loved it! Charlie said I'm the best cook ever, so I had to admit it was Aunt Mindy's recipe. He says you're the best ever too!