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Saturday, May 22, 2010

swim-a-thon and dance recital

Wow another marathon weekend for the Carroll's and its only Saturday afternoon!
Today Joey participated in a swim-a-thon for the Lava heat, the swim team he swims with. And for those of you who pledged $ for him today THANK YOU!!!! thank you so much we really appreciate it! This helps him coninue to compete, all year round, and helps but the team whatever they need! so thank you for supporting us! There were 20 kids that swam in the swim-a-thon today, and only 5 of them completed all 200 lengths of the pool.(that is 3 miles) Joey is one of them!! YEA! GO JOEY YOU ROCK! He was the second one done. They had 2 hours to complete the 200 lengths, and joey completed his in one hour and 32 min. ! I was totally impressed! This pic is of him right after he finished. He was pretty tired. But the half a pizza after the swim-a-thon helped him to regain some of his energy!
Here he is during the swim-a-thon swimming like a champ! He was concentrating so hard He never did stop for a break. The rules were he could stop and get a drink or get a snack, as long as he didn't get out of the pool. He did not even stop for anything! He just kept on going till he was finished! I was so impressed!

I know my pics are backwards, one of these years I will figure out when I am uploading them how to do this, but this is right before it started, when the swim team is all together, getting their instructions, sure they look like they have energy now!!!
They all did good! I am so proud of all of them. And to their coach Karen! We have a couple of fun meets coming up, I will keep you up on what is going on as I figure it out!

And on to the dance recital!
Here is Abby in her little costume for her song, goodnight my angel, she loved dancing this year, and did so good!

and allicat! getting ready to go do her dance what I like about you!
This is the end of the dance year this year Abbys dances both took first place at lagoon and malad this year, and alli's took first place at lagoon and malad this year, and her solo took second at lagoon and malad! I am so proud of both of them!
I am so impressed with alli for doing a solo this year, it takes so much guts, and determination, and practice, she pulled it off, and did wonderful! I am so proud!

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