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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ok with the BIG day coming up this sunday, I figured I would let all my blogger friends and family in on a little more info about moi! Feel free to copy and paste on your own blog with your info so we all can get to know each other better !


What is your salad dressing of choice? Ranch, but I don't get to eat it anymore because it has egg in it and I can't have egg! figures huh!
What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? I have always loved olive garden! It is my go to place, but I would be willing to go anywhere that gets me out of the kitchen for a night!
What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? PASTA – breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!! mmmmm mmmmm mmmm!
What are your pizza toppings of choice? pepperoni and cheese, but I like to take the pepperoni off and just have the flavor of it left on the pizza! kind of weird huh.
What do you like to put on your toast? . butter , cinnamon and sugar.
How many televisions are in your house? 4 (family room, living room, bedroom and one downstairs)
What color is your cell phone? gold, I just had to get a new one, cause I broke my old one, oops! they don't call me gracie for nothing!
Are you computer savvy? somewhat, I can blog, I can facebook, I can shop online, I can print my sunday lessons, I guess I can get by. but other than that, don't push your luck!

Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right, but I think I am left footed.
Do you have any children that are left – handed? I don't think so
Have you ever had anything removed from your body? yes, my tonsils, my appendix, and some stuff from inside my knee, and of course 4 lovely children :)

What was the last heavy item you lifted? well this is a thing I plan to correct over the summer, but jason falls asleep on the couch every night, then I have to carry him to bed, after he is asleep. that is 46lbs of pure love right there that I am lifting every night!

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?not that I remember???

If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? I want to say yes, but really I don't think I would.
If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I don't think I would change it, but if I had to, it would have to be a food item like brownie or something like that, that way I wouldn't forget it!
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? No way, I can barely handle mexican food, a bottle of hot sauce would surely do me in, $1000 would not be nearly enough!

How many pairs of flip flops do you own? 3 pair - but they are all old, and I totally need /want more for the summer!
Last person you talked to? Myself…..technically it was the kids, but since they ignored me, I guess it was myself!
Last person you hugged? my babies as they went off to preschool! they are getting way too big!

Season? Spring (if it will ever officially get here)
Holiday? Christmas
Day of the week? Tuesday. its not monday, and I still have most of the week to get things done!
Month? June, the kids get out of school, its not too hot, things are not too busy yet, its perfect!

Mood? tired, (is that a mood) nervous, (I don't exactly know why I guess it comes from being a mom) happy too!
What are you listening to? the dishwasher running, and my t.v. in the background.
What should you be doing right now? laundry, mopping, vaccuming, etc...... you get the pic.
Current favorite TV Show: well, I am a reality tv freak! so you name it I probably like it, I love dancing with the stars, surviver, biggest loser! and I love lifetime movies.
Worrying about? hmmm lets see... everything!!

First place you went this morning? besides to the bathroom (hehe) I haven't left the house yet!
What’s the last movie you saw? The last movie I saw in a theatre was the princess and the frog cute show, bad theatre, gum on the floor, and other random sticky stuff, but at the dollar theatre, what do you expect right!
Do you smile often? YES of course! I love my kids!! they make me smile all the time!
Sleeping Alone Tonight? Well.... hubbys at work:( of course jason sneaks in with me.

Do you always answer your phone? pretty much yes, there are very few times when I don't.
It’s after ten o’clock in the evening and the phone rings. Who will it be? brian or jennie!
If you could change your eye color what would it be? my eyes are brown, but I always thought it would be cool to have blue eyes
If you could have a body part altered, sucked or botoxed, which part would it be? Brian always makes fun of my flat behind, so I guess if I could get something fixed I might get some junk in my trunk.
Do you own a digital camera? yes, and I love it! I would love a really expensive, cool, do lots of things for you type of camera, but that will come later!
Do you have a pet?no, I opted for children instead.
Favorite Christmas song(s)? I do, but at this moment I can't think of the names, my mind is not on christmas!!!
What’s on your wish list for your birthday? Oh the list is long, but some of it ipod touch, new long bread pans, a tea kettle, and many more things.
Can you do push ups?Yes, but not many. I work out a few times a week, and I swim twice a week to keep in shape, swimming is very good for the arms!
What are you looking forward to? to life getting a little bit easier. I am not expecting miracles here, just for things to not keep getting thrown at me right and left! maybe just one at a time!
Does the future make you more nervous or excited? My life right now is good . . . I’m blessed, so I rarely look too far ahead.
Do you have an accent? nope!

Do you cry easily? No! maybe I should cry more, but I tend to hold everything in!
Plans tomorrow? I don't like to plan too far ahead! j/k not yet, but I am sure my day will fill in soon.
Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? Yes, a few times, the last couple months have been really hard. and several years ago when all my babies were babies. Thank goodness I believe the way I do, and that there is always tomorrow.
Name 3 things you bought today: the only thing I bought today is my taxes (well the service to get my taxes done)
Have you ever been given roses? yes, but it has been a LONG time since I have!
Current worry? oh wow, how much time do you all have..... I am always worried about my kids, are they happy, do they have enough friends, do they have good friends, am I a good parent, am I teaching the right lessons the right way, what will they come up with next?.... the list is so long, I will leave you all for now.
This is a small glimpse into my crazy world. thanks to you all for reading about my wonderfully crazy family, and loving us anyway! Happy mothers day to all you moms out there!!!!


Cathy said...

What a great blog! Loved reading in, your a great example, good Mom and fun person! Have a great Mothers day!

Jodi said...

I really enjoyed getting to know you even better - so much to love! Happy Mother's Day to a super duper Mother!

Selena Sorensen Guthrie said...

Oh, your so cute!! I just love you to death!! I hope you have a kick A Mothers Day!!;)