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Monday, October 11, 2010

day # 267

.... or so it feels like it. We are actually more like day 5. But for those of you who have been in the hospital with loved ones it feels like forever. I have figured out that since Thursday when Brian and I have been taking turns going back and forth to be with Zach we have driven just over 1000 miles! Crazy huh! But I do believe there is an end in sight. Zach did really well today. (don't ask him, he will tell you he was miserable) but from a medical stand point he did great. He got up and walked twice, He was able to get the NG tube out (the one down his nose and throat) That made him happy. and he drank two cups of juice!!! So we are on the road to recovery!! yea for us. They switched him off the morphine so he won't sleep so much now he is on lortab. so he is able to talk to us a little more. Makes me feel a whole lot better being able to communicate with him instead of just watch moniters and tubes and things beeping and pumping. Now I am just looking forward to getting him home and working on a little bit of normalcy, what ever that may be. I need all my chicks under the same roof!! But I do want to thank everybody for helping out, and the many offers to help out, I have no idea what I need right now, I am still just going day by day, sometimes hour by hour! but thanks for everything! I believe my calgon is going to take me away now so I will keep you all updated as I can......


Goodwin Family said...

yea for getting better!! Hope Zach gets to come home tonight!!

Jodi said...

So happy he's on the way to recovery - YAY for coming home!

P.S. When you find that "normalcy" tell the rest of us your secret...!:)

Lisa said...

Yay! I'm glad he's doing better! Good luck getting through!

Cathy said...

That is GREAT news!!!!