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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well this has been a very crazy week, and this was just one day in the crazy week. We were at dance, and miss Abby tripped and did a head plant into the metal door frame. So off to the E.R. we drove and 3 and a half hours later we were heading home with 7 stitches. I thought that with 3 boys they would keep me busy in and out of the e.r. but this little one has me rethinking. Here she is enjoying her shake for dinner that her dance teacher brought her.
And the final look! She will have a little scar, but its a good thing that she has bangs! and she was quite a trooper. She even was up and ready to go to school the next morning! Nothing slows her down!


Jodi said...

What a trooper! Glad she's okay.

Cathy said...

Ouch!Even with having to get stitches she still has her cute smile, glad she is ok.