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Sunday, October 10, 2010

so not getting mother of the year!!!

Well as most of you already know, our little trip to the E.R. for Abbys stitches just kicked off our week of misery! Well technically the it started two weeks before with me having kidney stones which to this very day, I have still been unable to pass, but that is another story for another day, Zach had been sick for about a week and a half throwing up. me being the great mom that I am, thought it was his acid reflux. I gave him about a week before I started getting too concerned. Then I called the Dr. which leads to a whole new set of problems. We just changed family dr.s and it was kind of hard to get him in. It took a couple of days to get him in. so, after 9 days of puking his guts out, we finally got him to a dr. and the dr. sent us straight to the E.R. so we rushed over there, and after a couple of tests they determined that his appendix had already ruptured! They rushed him up for immediate surgery. Which was so stressful. We were told 1 1/2 hours about and it ended up being 2 1/2 hours because there was so much infection, and lesions that they had to clean out! It was so horrible! That was thursday,and now that surgery is over he is just sleeping a lot, and healing. He has a drain tube in the insision site, and an NG tube down his throat to drain his stomach so he is so not happy right now! but the morphine is helping, I just wish the could slip mom a little once in a while, but oh well I guess I can tough it out. . It looks like he will end up staying in the hospital till about wednesday. It is so hard to juggle trying to stay with him, and keeping the 4 kids happy at home. It seems that my break down time is on the drive home every night. I have been taking the day shift, and brian has been taking the night shift with zach. so far so good. We are just looking forward to him coming home. There is not much time to sleep when I get home at 11:00 at night and have to do the laundry and dishes and cleaning, then get up and get to the hospital first thing in the morning. I can't wait to get my little buddy home. The dr.s are saying that the road to recovery is a long one, he will probably be home from school for the next 2-4 weeks depending on how quick his energy gets back. then he can start back doing half days. so we will see. I will try to keep you updated, don't mind the emotional crazy posts till I get a little sleep!!!!


Jodi said...

I've been hoping you would post about this as I'm not on facebook!

We know how draining and emotional the hospital stay is, PLEASE know we are here to help!! I would be happy to go over and throw in some laundry, do dishes, make dinner etc, just let me know what needs to be done!! I'm also happy to keep kids if you just need some rest or whatever!

We've been praying for you guys and hope he recovers quickly and hope you are feeling better soon!

And by the way, you are an AWESOME mother!!

Jodi said...

P.S. I'm very serious about wanting to help, but I don't want to just walk into your house, so again PLEASE let me know what needs to be done and I'm your gal!!

Cathy said...

Hey Mindy, you are a great mom! Just know we are thinkin about you if you need something let us know. Your in our prayers!

Goodwin Family said...

We're thinking of you!!

Shannon said...

Mindy - I would love to help. Just let me know!! I know you hate to ask, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and realize that help is okay. Love ya lady- you are awesome.

mdgeorgeson said...

You ARE Mother of the Year! Every day! This is just one of those things that happen. I had my appendix out when I was in first grade. I went to the hospital on Lincoln's birthday and got out on Washington's birthday. And mine was only infected, not ruptured. It is a major operation still. Poor baby will be miserable for a while, but in a month, you will wonder if he was ever sick. He will bounce right back. So don't beat yourself up. It's life!