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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Well I was feeling just a bit sorry for myself, because my sister and brothers birthday is July 4th and although I haven't seen by cute bro in a while( he lives on the other side of Idaho) I have always spent my sisters birthday with her. This year however I could not. (Iknow it brings tears to the eyes)So to make myself feel better, I made homemade donuts, and homemade chocolate ice cream. (I had a pic of the ice cream, a big blob of chocolate ice cream didn't look like chocolate ice cream in the pic) And these comfort foods helped me feel much better about having to stay home on the 4th. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bro and sis I love ya yummy homemade donuts we were able to share with our new neighbors!! they had lots of
snow (aka sugar) on them. mmmm mmmmm good
Abby showing off how much she liked the chocolate Ice cream!

me and my monkey. I swear he doesn't know how to keep his tongue in his mouth during a pic. This is one of those I don't have any pics of me so I will take one myself moments. not too bad i guess.

Joey who was our self nominated firework lighter. He had a great time.

Alli and Zach showing off their 4th shirts. pretty cute guys.

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