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Sunday, July 5, 2009

What was I thinking????????

Ok so when I married my wonderful husband I had a lot of revamping to do on his wardrobe. which I did. All of the parachute pants were tossed, and the oh so favored 7th grade swimsuit that he loved to wear with his combat boots secretley made its way to the local dump. I was a good little wife, and replaced it all with more appropriate and fashionable wardrobe. But every once in a while a blast from the past works its way back. We have been doing a lot of swimming this summer, and the last time we took Brian with us he wore tennis shoes, who wears tennis shoes to the pool. So for fathers day I found these great sandles. I told him we can now go to the pool and he can fit in. Then he did THIS!!!! What socks with sandles! What are you thinking? Oh my. Well I did what I could, I guess this is as good as it gets. xoxoxo love ya B


Lewis Family said...

Old habits die hard...that is hilarious...I laughed out loud!!!

Wildingkids said...

Wow B! I must say that is a sexy look!!! No wonder your wife loves it!