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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

like father like son!!
As parents we always worry that we will pass on the bad things to our kids. I know that I have prayed that my kids won't get my funny middle toe, but now it is painfully obvious that Jason has inhereted his "shoe "style from his dad. There is no denying it now. At least he has my sense of humor :)


Wildingkids said...

Atleast he's not wearing socks!!!

Nichols Family said...

Well, he has your smile and your eyes, so he had to get something from his Dad! Although I don't appreciate the reference to the funny "Heaton toe". Both of my girls got it and their dad gives them such a hard time about it. They're going to end up with a complex and never want to wear open-toed shoes (sound familiar). So I always try to paint their toenails and tell them how pretty their toes are. I'll keep them fooled as long as I can, they never need to know that their middle toe really isn't supposed to be that long! Love you.