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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bur..... what????
Zach has been complaining his foot has been hurting for a while now. (mother of the year, I kept telling him to get over it) well he wasn't getting over it, so we took him in to get it checked out. Turns out he has burcitis. He was put on limited activity, (he even got a note for p.e.) for 2 weeks, with anti-inflamitories, and ice 3 times a day. If its not better in 2 weeks, then we go see the orthopedic dr. which means, probably surgery,and a cast for a while. Is there no end. Lets just say that we are keeping him as still as possible for a 12 year old, so we can avoid further problems.
I am thinking that the medical black cloud has been hovering over my house for the last while. I am ready for it to leave!!!!!!!!!!


Lewis Family said...

You ARE mother of the year and anyone who says different can come have a visit with me!:) I'm sorry things have been so crazy for you with your kids health - hopefully things will slow down and you'll get some answers on Joey SOON! Also hope Zack heals quick!!! Alli's perm looks great!

Nichols Family said...

Z-man, I am so sorry about the foot problems. And if anyone can sympathize with foot problems, you know it's your Aunt Mel! Just be glad you live with your mom and not Uncle Dan- you know what they do with horses when their feet go bad? Yeah, we won't go there.

Love you buddy, hang in there!