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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok so in my house the kids are not allowed to say the "B" word (bored), But this time when salt and pepper kept telling me they were bored, I couldn't ingore them, I was bored too. After being broke for so long, and not able to go out, and have fun like we had been doing before, I have had to become inventive. Lots of home movies, with popcorn, game nights, etc. well I needed to change things up a bit for all of our sanity! So I came up with the brilliant idea to make edible playdough. It was a total hit, and lasted for hours!!!!!
This is how it started, a bowl of playdough, a couple rolling pins, and cookie cutters, and then let the kids loose! Here are salt and pepper figuring out how to roll out the dough.

Salt is really getting into it!

Pepper loved making the little stars, especially when I showed her that she can eat them too!
Don't mind the mess behind her, I have been VERY lazy, and have not put my halloween totes out of site, I figure now, why, I have to take down my halloween stuff next week anyway right?
Sassy even got in on the fun after she got home from school! I am telling you it was so much fun watching all the things they came up with to mold and create.

Recipe for edible playdough
2 c. powdered sugar
1 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. honey
Mix, mix, mix. and enjoy!


Lewis Family said...

We've tried that before too and kids really do love it. Yours looked like they had a good time. I can relate to the broke thing and having to come up with free things to do. It takes more time and thought, but I think those are the things they'll remember the most!!!

Nichols Family said...

So fun Min, the kids look like they are surviving okay!

Love you!


BrownFamilyBlog said...

I stumbled upon this website and thought that you might like it.

J & S Carroll said...

Your the best Mom. Those kids look so happy.