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Saturday, October 3, 2009

We went up in the mountains the other day to get our first load of firewood, and let the kids shoot the guns, which is their reward for helping us gather wood, so here are Joey and Zach shooting, I have to say they are pretty good shots! Everybody doing their part gathering firewood, although Joey and Alli were more interested in chopping down trees, than gathering dead ones off the ground, but they were pretty cute anyway.
Salt and pepper worked so hard to carry this branch to the trailer! Good job babies!


BrownFamilyBlog said...

I have a stack of wood in my back yard you can have, you would have to come to Sacramento to get it :). We cut down a tree a year ago so it is well seasoned, and have a large stack of fence boards that blew down 2 years ago also(This would make great starter wood). We have a very nice hole in the wall the builder called a fireplace. It is only good for a wax log.

Nichols Family said...

That looks like so much fun! Then I think about cutting and gathering wood with my kids, and I am sooo glad it's you and not me!

Love you!