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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wow 14 years!!!!!!!

14 years, and 5 kids later here we are......Ok so me and big guys 14th anniversary is today. I have been thinking of soooo many fun things we could to to celebrate, even though we aren't going to do anything, cause he is at work, it is so nice to imagine what we would do if he was here. So this is what I would have done had he been home. I thought I would share my thoughts, (and some ideas I found online) to celebrate our many years together!
1. Recreate Your First Date - Where was your first date?? The bowling alley? The park? Try and recreate it and remember the details. Remember the show "The Parent Trap"? The daughters recreate their first date at Martinelli's Italian Restaurant by doing it in their own home. And...they fell in love...all over again. Hopefully, you will too. Mine would include a lovely homemade speghetti dinner! yum. And a kiss to shut me up, because aparently I talk too much.
2. Plan A Romantic Getaway - This is always my favorite. My favorite getaway with big guy was when I won a night at a bed and breakfast in Midway. No kids, just the 2 of us. And one of the best cookies I have EVER had. I wish I could figure out how to make it. No kids is imperative.
3. Romantic Night At Home - You still need an over-night-babysitter for this one, but it's a lot cheaper because you're staying home. Isn't it weird to be home with absolutely no kids in the house??You've got the entire house to can stay up late together, sleep in together, eat breakfast together, and just be together in the comfort of your home. Me and big guy love to cook together. I am not sure anyone would want my kids for a whole night so we may have to skip this one for a few more years.
4. Memory Treasure Hunt - This one would be extra work , but fun. You would have to plan ahead big time! Think of lots of different memories that you and your man have. I would put pictures all over the house, then send him on a treasure hunt. at the end you could have a nice hot dinner in the oven for the last clue, then sit down together ALONE for diner.Other ideas for fun anniversary gifts:
Camping equipment
cuddle blanket,
Board Games
Running shoes
Musical instruments
unfortunatley this year we are not together for our anniversary, so all my brilliant ideas are for nothing. but there is always next year!!!
ps. I promise this is not at pitty party post, I am very happily going to go make bread now:)

Happy Anniversary baby!!!
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Happy Anniversary!! :)